Prairie to Pine Auto Sales is a used car dealership located in Hewitt, Minnesota, featuring low-priced vehicles–most of our inventory sells for less than $5000! In addition, we offer a one-of-a-kind in-house financing program that makes many buyers–even those with previous credit problems–eligible for what in-effect is a no-interest loan. We carry a range of vehicles from that truck you need for work and play. . . to family-friendly vehicles. . . to the cute sports car your teenager’s been dreaming of.

We offer two kinds of vehicles:

1) Most of our vehicles we carefully check before putting them up on the lot. For these vehicles, we disclose all existing or probable future problems our check-up reveals. We believe many individuals know that low-priced cars have the price tag they do because they’re not picture-perfect.  In some cases, vehicles in this category could use some body work; maybe they don’t run as smoothly as they used to. We believe that many buyers still prefer to pay less for their vehicle than pay more–as long as they’re given all available information they need to decide whether a particular vehicle’s imperfections are something they can deal with!

2) A few of our vehicles we do not carefully check because we’ve discovered during our years in business that some buyers prefer to pay less and do any necessary work themselves than pay more for the vehicle to go through our shop for a check-up and possibly also repairs.  We sell these vehicles at a significant discount, but recommend them only for individuals with considerable auto knowledge and auto-repair ability.  We clearly identify all vehicles falling into this category on our website, on our lot, and in discussion of them with potential customers.

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